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Are you a group of people looking for a convenient medium for travel? Then you’re probably at the best possible page on the internet. In big cities like Noida, commuting is always a matter of concern, especially if you have more people with you. Arranging a means of transportation in such scenarios can be a little difficult considering that you have to accommodate everyone. The best solution for tackling this situation is to hire a tempo traveller in Noida. A tempo traveller is like a minibus designed with ample space and comfortable seating. In India, it is one of the most popular means of traveling whenever a group trip is planned whether it’s a corporate tour or family outing. But, to ensure that you have a smooth experience, it is important that you know what you need and where to get it from. Keep reading to come to a more informed and satisfactory decision.

Types of tempo traveller in Noida we offer

In cities like Noida, you will find a good number of tempo traveller service providers as well as different types of tempo travellers. The vehicle can vary according to the comfort level and the amenities you require. However, the primary reason for having a tempo traveller is to accommodate a group of people. So, you can always get different tempo travellers based on their seating capacity. Mithila Taxi Services offers vehicles with the following seating capacities:
12 seater tempo traveller

12 seater tempo traveller

As the name suggests, a 9-seater tempo traveller accommodates around 9 passengers, a 12-seater tempo traveller accommodates around 12 people, and so on. Now, it completely depends on the number of members in the group and the level of comfort you need.

Choose Your Journey Type

If you are still not sure what kind of tempo travelller you need based on the strength of your group, then the next step is to consider the level of comfort you need and what facilities you need. And, the best way to find this is to know more about the type of journey you are going to have. 


One-Sided Journey

If you just want to get dropped from one place to another, you might not need a lot of facilities, and a basic traveller tempo may work. Especially if you are traveling just once in the nighttime or in cool weather, then you might not even need an air-conditioned vehicle. So, based on these things, you can decide. 


Round Trip Journey

If you just want to go and come back without many detours and travel in between, then again the basic one might suit you well. However, if the journey is longer, you might want to take a bus which is more spacious, and has semi-sleeper seats or you can always specify if you have some other requirement. 


Multiple-Day Trip

If it is a multiple-day trip and you are planning to travel around in the tempo traveller, it is better to have a deluxe one with more facilities and comfort. For example, if it involves a lot of traveling you might get bored. In such cases, a vehicle with a good sound system, LCD, bending seats, and other features would be preferable. 


Corporate Outings 

You can also book a tempo traveller for corporate outings. And, if the trip is being organized by the company, it is better to hire a vehicle with better facilities. It will come out as a good gesture and will most likely enhance the mood of your employees and the goodwill of the company. 


These were just some contexts for your reference to help you make a better decision. In any case, you should first note down all the things you need as a priority, consider your finances, and then make a decision accordingly. 


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When Should You go to book Tempo Traveller on rent Noida?

Based on all the previous discussions, you may already have gotten an idea about the benefits of taking a tempo traveller. However, it is best suited for you when you are traveling in a group, visiting somewhere far away, or need to travel for a long duration. It is also suitable if you have multiple places in mind to visit because it is difficult to find or arrange a different vehicle every time. Things get even more difficult if you are in a new place so getting a tempo traveller is a good idea. Moreover, with service providers like Mithila Taxi Services, you will also get a native and experienced driver. So, they can also help you get acquainted with the popular as well as familiar areas.

Benefits Of Hiring A Tempo Traveller In Noida

There are a lot of options available out there when it comes to traveling, especially in a developed city like Noida. So, it can be difficult for you to decide whether hiring a tempo traveller on rent is the best decision for you or not. To help you out with the same, here we have listed some of the advantages of choosing tempo traveller over other means of transportation.

Cost Efficiency

Getting a tempo traveller is an economically friendly option. The overall cost of hiring a tempo traveller on rent is always less than what you will have to pay for individual tickets whether you are planning to book a bus, train, or anything else.

Higher Accommodation

As mentioned earlier, a tempo traveller is meant for accommodating a high number of people. It has the capacity to allow around 8-28 people at once, depending on the requirements and the chosen vehicle. This is why it is the most preferred mode of transportation for group tours.


With tempo traveller, you can always specify your needs and choose a vehicle accordingly. For instance, you can select how much seating capacity you need, if you need any extra luggage space, a wheelchair ramp, or anything else.

Long Distance Traveling

For long-distance traveling, it is always best to have a vehicle by your side throughout the trip. Taking a tempo traveller is very helpful in this regard. It will also be more convenient as it will pick you up directly from your place and take you exactly where you want to go. It will save you the time to change vehicles every time.


Tempo travellers are equipped with safety features such as seat belts, airbags, and anti-lock brakes, which ensure the safety of passengers during travel. Moreover, you can always contact the authorities if you feel something is wrong.


We respect the time and schedule of our passengers and we would never want you to get delayed because of us. This is why our drivers are always early from the time of arrival. You cannot help us but give us ten on ten in this regard.

Customer Service

Mithila Taxi Services provides customers with 24*7 assistance. Whether it is to book a taxi, clear a query, regarding a complaint or feedback, or anything else, you can just give us a call, send a mail, or visit our office. Someone from our team will be assigned to look after your issue.

Why Choose Mithila Taxi Service?

We can give you a thousand reasons why Mithila Taxi Service can be your best choice for booking a tempo traveller. However, there are some things that are better experienced than told. But, a little pitching is still required we suppose. So, here are a few among the many reasons why you should choose Mithila Taxi Service.
We are the most budget-friendly tempo traveller service provider in the town. We take pride in saying that we provide the best possible services at a cost that won’t create a hole in your pockets. So, you can always join us and save more to spend on the other stuff on the trip.
We have many different variety of vehicles and while all of them are well-equipped to provide you with a great level of comfort, you can always ask for the ones with more facilities. Because your comfort is always at the top of our priority list!
From our booking to billing system, we explain everything in detail and keep you updated about anything and everything throughout the trip. There’s no hidden costs for anything and every small thing that’s worth mentioning would be informed to you in advance.
Whether it’s our booking agent or the drivers taking you on the journey, every member in our team is well trained and experienced in their job. Moreover, they are all courteous and humble enough to make you feel comfortable at all times.
With a team holding years of experience in the domain, you can be assured about the quality of service you will receive in our watch. All our previous customers can vouch for our credibility and reliability.
tempo traveller

Top outstation destinations to hire tempo traveller

An outstation taxi is for exploring things outside the city. If you want to go to other cities then it is always convenient to have your own mode of transport. With Mithila Taxi Service, you can go to various cities starting from Noida to Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Nainital, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Manali, Shimla, Kullu Manali, Lucknow, Ayodhya, Banaras, Chandigarh, KhatuShyam and Mehandipur Balaji. Outstation taxi services can be even more feasible if you have more people with you as it is difficult to arrange transportation for everyone. Moreover, having an outstation taxi and tempo traveller on rental service is relatively cheaper than finding a different way of traveling for everyone every time. 

Places To Explore From Noida

Noida is based in the heart of the country and there are many places within and around the city that are worth a visit. Some places residing within the city include Worlds of Wonder, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, The Great India Place, DLF Mall of India, Buddh International Circuit, Noida Golf Course, Akshardham Temple, Botanic Garden of Indian Republic, Noida Stadium, and Film City. Apart from the places that are there within the city, there are also a lot of places in the neighboring cities to visit as well. Some of these places include the Taj Mahal in Agra, Jim Corbett National Park, temples in Mathura and Vrindavan, Vashisht Kund near Manali, Golden Temple in Amritsar, and many more. Book tempo traveller on rent Noida.

What our customer's say

Pradeep Kumar

We hire the tempo traveller for our trip. It was very comfortable and luxurious. We had very long journeys in it but it was not at all tiring. It was always clean and well maintained. Our driver was really good. He recommended us good guides and good shopping places too. Our small kids also enjoyed a lot. Thanks

Prince patel

East or west Mithila taxi service in Noida is best. Service is always top notch. Drivers are very professional.

Anju Saini

I have used mithila taxi multiple time with family. Their drivers are soft spoken and respect customer. The price are always competitive and I trust them. Good service, clean cab and competitive price.


A tempo traveller is designed to accommodate a group of people but it depends on the particular vehicle. There are tempo travellers that accommodate around 6-9 people but there are also the ones accommodating around 25 people. So, it depends on what you need.

Yes, you can definitely hire a tempo traveller for an outstation trip from Noida. To state a fact, tempo travellers are more preferred for trips that take longer amount of time.

Yes, in most of the cases you need to pay a little percentage of the total amount as advance to confirm your booking. At Mithila Taxi Service, this percentage is between 30-50%.

There is no specified limitation for which you can keep the tempo traveller rental in Noida. It's just that if you want to keep it with you for a longer period of time than mentioned earlier, you need to inform the concerned authorities well in advance.

If you want to book a tempo traveller with Mithila Taxi Services, you can call us, write a mail or directly visit our office. You can find all these details mentioned on our website.

Yes, it is possible to cancel your booking but you need to inform that in advance and you might not get a full refund. The refund amount depends on how early you have canceled the booking from the scheduled timing to begin the trip. For more details, you can always reach out to us.

Operational area for Doorstep Pick & Drop tempo traveller on rent Noida

  • Sector 1, Noida: Known for its strategic location, this sector provides easy access to major highways. Tempo Traveller rental services in Noida facilitate seamless travel for residents and visitors alike.

  • Sector 12, Noida: A prominent commercial area, Sector 12 offers a mix of offices and retail outlets. Travelers can rent Tempo Travellers here to explore Noida’s vibrant business landscape.

  • Sector 22, Noida: This bustling sector is famous for its shopping complexes and restaurants. Renting a Tempo Traveller in Noida allows tourists to enjoy a hassle-free shopping and dining experience.

  • Sector 34, Noida: Known for educational institutions, this sector attracts students from all over. Tempo Traveller on rent in Noida enables convenient transportation for students and their families.

  • Sector 50, Noida: A residential hub with green spaces, Sector 50 offers a peaceful environment. Tourists can find Tempo Travellers for rent to explore nearby attractions with comfort.

  • Sector 62, Noida: A major IT and business district, Sector 62 is always bustling with activity. Renting a Tempo Traveller in Noida ensures smooth commuting for professionals and entrepreneurs.

  • Sector 71, Noida: Known for its modern housing societies, this sector provides a quality living experience. Tempo Traveller rental services in Noida offer convenience for residents and visitors alike.

  • Sector 82, Noida: A growing sector with upcoming infrastructure, Sector 82 attracts real estate investors. Tourists can hire Tempo Travellers on rent in Noida to explore emerging developments.

  • Sector 93B, Noida: This sector is renowned for its premium residential projects and serene surroundings. Renting a Tempo Traveller in Noida allows tourists to explore this upscale neighborhood comfortably.

  • Sector 125, Noida: Home to prominent corporate offices, Sector 125 is a commercial hotspot. Tempo Traveller on rent in Noida aids professionals in navigating through this corporate center.

  • Sector 100, Noida: A growing residential sector with modern amenities. Tempo Traveller in Noida offers a comfortable way for residents to commute to nearby schools and parks.

  • Sector 115, Noida: Known for its green landscapes and serene environment. Renting a Tempo Traveller in Noida lets you explore the scenic beauty of this area hassle-free.

  • Sector 137, Noida: A well-planned sector with commercial spaces and residential complexes. Tempo Traveller on rent in Noida ensures easy travel for professionals and residents.

  • Sector 150, Noida: Surrounded by lush greenery and sports facilities. Hiring a Tempo Traveller in Noida allows sports enthusiasts to reach the stadiums conveniently.